Fabric, Seamstress and Finishing the Dress

My fabric arrived from the company I ordered from and I’m so pleased with how it has turned out. The colours are perfect – subtle but not too dark. The detail shows up fine and the fabric hasn’t pixellated and remains crisp and clear despite the large size.
I also purchased a black cotton lining material. Black seemed to bring out the colours better than white underneath the fabric.


I gave the pattern, printed and lining fabric to my seamstress. She took my measurements, then went away and constructed some of the dress.


At this stage the lining material hadn’t been sewn in under the main skirt yet. The colours still look great! The dress is very floaty which is exactly what I wanted.
The finished dress. I couldn’t be happier with this – the finish is so professional. The dress has good proportions and fits really well. The pattern and the fabric create a beautiful floaty effect which works very well together. The seamstress did a fantastic job and I’m so proud that I am able to wear something that is my own design but looks like it came from a store like All Saints.

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