Fabric Samples

A friend pointed me in the direction of the company Bags of Love, as they digitally print on fabric.
I ordered a sample pack from here. They have a lot of different fabric types but the dress pattern I picked asks for chiffon, jersey or charmeuse. Bags of Love have a few different types of jersey and one type of chiffon.
To show what each fabric really looks like, I’ve photographed it on a dark and light background, and shown a detail shot.
“Dye sublimation printed jersey fabrics you design. Our many jerseys vary in weight and stretch, to ensure you are able to find your perfect jersey fabric to suit your requirements. We have 9 different jerseys, all of which can be personalised to feature your designs.” Here
This fabric is definitely too thick for the dress.The print is a bit fuzzy and not very detailed, so this is definitely not what I will be using for the dress.


This swatch has a good feel to it, it’s very soft and the print looks very crisp. I think this fabric might be a little on the heavy side though, and I don’t think it would be suitable for the dress.


This fabric is really detailed and the print looks amazing. However, the weave is a little big so you can see the tiny holes in the fabric which detracts from the print a little. I do like the stretch to the fabric and it’s quite lightweight.


I didn’t like this fabric at all, I felt that it looked very cheap and the colours looked almost yellow-ish. The fabric feels very odd. the colours are nice and bright but I think the dress would look quite cheap if it were made from this material.


“Our stunning personalised chiffon is a real essential for fashion designers. With its beautiful, floaty and lightweight finish, our gorgeous customised Paris Chiffon can be personalised with your photos and designs. We will print your images onto the chiffon, to create a bespoke piece of fabric. Ideal for dressmakers and for delicate blouses and lingerie.” Here


I liked this fabric the best. the fabric was lightweight and floaty, which would give the desired effect of beautifully hanging drapery like vanitas paintings. The colours are more muted/subtle which would work really well for the design. The fabric is slightly transparent which will give the dress a layered look. The detail is really incredible for such lightweight and transparent material.



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