Dress Patterns

Based on some of the ideas I had for the dress pattern, I looked online at a few different patterns. I won’t be able to come up with my own as this isn’t a skill that I possess, so it was suggested that I buy a pattern to give to a seamstress.
I picked these dresses because I need something with drapery to create movement.
From here.
I picked this for the neckline, but I think the length is a little short.
From here.
I love the asymmetrical hem and the back, but I think the front might be a bit too tailored looking.


From here.
I’m not mad on the neckline, but the draped, asymmetric hem is perfect.
From here.
I loved the shape of this one so much, but the fabric for this one has to be really heavy which takes away the drapey, floaty look I wanted.
From here. 
I love this style, but it isn’t as drapey as I wanted. The fabric isn’t as heavy as the last dress, but it’s still perhaps a little too heavy for what I want.
From here.
I’m not crazy on the belt for this one but i think it could be removed or made without one. The fabric is light and floaty. I’m just not sure if the style is exciting enough.
From here. 
This one has a great silhouette. The neckline is a little boring, but the bottom of the dress is perfect.
From here. 
This dress is really interesting, the neckline is unusual and the fabric is perfect and floaty. This dress was my second choice.
However, the one I chose in the end was this pattern:
From here.
The neck and backline of the dress is very flattering. The dress isn’t that drapey but the length and type of fabric will give it the floaty feel I wanted. The length of the dress is perfect because its a lot of space for the pattern/print. It also will suit the print I designed as it’s in portrait.
“Lined dress has close-fitting, bias front, draped (overlapped front) bodice with stays, gathered skirt, and elasticized back casings and invisible zipper.
Chiffon, Matte Jersey, Charmeuse.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.24.41






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