Vanitas/Memento Mori Inspired Haute Couture Clothing


Viktor and Rolf 2015


Jess Eaton – Roadkill Couture



Jana Sterbak – Vanitas: Flesh Dress for an Albino Anorectic,1987


Manon Kundig
The playful inflatable skull is a great idea, although I prefer is deflated as I think the shape of the garment hangs well, almost like a cloak or cape.


Whilst I want my own garments to be more wearable than these examples, I do like the themes some of these pieces portray. Jana Sterbak’s dress will keep changing which is a Vanitas in itself – the dress itself is transient. Jess Eaton’s use of roadkill animals serves as a reminder that death is eventual. Viktor and Rolf’s dress uses the vanitas imagery on the fabric, but the odd shape of the dress coupled with the use of frames on the edges is a clever way of bringing a painting to life.



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