All Saints Flora Mortis 2014

“A multi-tiered theme of the Sprint 2014 collection, Flora Mortis captures the transient beauty of flowers and the processes of decay in real-time through the media of drawing, painting, photography and film. When the process is reversed, it demonstrates regeneration and rebirth.
The 6ft wide floral installation slowly blossomed, lived and then decayed over the space of ten days.” (All Saints)



I prefer the first 3 pieces, especially the first one for the draped silhouette. The second design shows the wilted flower design really well, whereas the first design isn’t as clear. I’m not keen on the 2 t-shirts because I don’t really like the design or the placement print, although I think the design is a good use of the space/silhouette of the garment. More than anything I actually like the colour palette a lot – the subdued purples work really well for the theme.


The different scarves are great too with the wilted flowers. The above photo is in my opinion the best scarf design. The minimalism works really nicely here. Some scarf designs are a bit abstract but I like that it’s obvious what the image is of.


In order to create designs/clothing that is different from what All Saints have already done, I will need to make sure that the imagery that I am using for my work is not too similar. I think the main similarity between my work and All Saint’s Flora Mortis will probably be the colour palette of muted/subdued colours – mostly because I prefer these colours anyway but also because dead/rotting organisms don’t tend to be very bright in colour anyway.
I will also be choosing more draped silhouettes, quite similar to the first design. The clean silhouettes look great and you can see the design clearly but I feel the draped silhouette makes more sense with the subject matter.

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