Final Major Project – Memento Mori Clothing Project

The aim of this project is to create illustrations/prints to be used for fashion, under the concept of Memento Mori.
“Memento mori is a Latin phrase meaning ‘remember you must die’. The artwork is designed to remind the viewer of their mortality and of the shortness and fragility of human life.” (
This project is more of a personal portfolio addition, rather than the client based beer and book ones. The theme of Memento Mori has interested me for a while, and often has inspired a lot of my work. I’ve been meditating on this idea more than usual, due to several tragedies that have happened within my family recently. I choose to look at memento mori not as something morbid, but almost as a ‘carpe diem’/ remember to live sentiment. Now more than ever I think it is useful to try and use it as a positive mantra and to not dwell negatively on the inevitability of death. I think the phrase has a different meaning for everyone; it’s all just a matter of perspective.
The work will utilise existing skills using traditional and modern methods, to create work that suits an existing portfolio of work. However, hopefully by the end of the project all skills will have improved considerably. The project aims to push as well; as some of the outcomes will not have been attempted before.
The aim is to create at least 3 different illustrations that will be digitally printed on to fabric and turned into clothing by a professional seamstress. It is not necessary to learn the skills required of making clothing as this is not one of my skills. I also need the garments to be of a very high quality.
It will also be a challenge to see what other imagery can be created with the subject matter. I usually drawn on the imagery of anatomy and skulls, and it will be interesting to see how else I can broach the subject. I always want to push myself to use imagery that is new to me, firstly as I think it makes my drawing skills well rounded, but also as it’s always good to shake things up a bit.
Research: An expertise in specialist research relevant to illustration for fashion design and the theme.
Experimentation: Testing and exploring specific ideas and materials suitable for the theme.
Technical Skills: Utilising both modern/technical and traditional skills in an appropriate manner, achieving a high quality result.
Personal Development: Managing learning through reflection, planning, self-direction, subject engagement and commitment. A chance for existing skill and style to improve.
Collaborative and Professional Working : Demonstrate proficiency in the management of work and a willingness to work well with other creative professionals.

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